Time for Kids Team

Nikki Hartmann
Program Manager

I am honoured to be the Program Manager at Time for Kids, helping to grow the program into the future. I have worked at Relationships Australia for 15 years. My educational background is in counselling and community services management. I believe in a community where, if we all contribute to the lives of the younger generations, we can together build a healthy and positive society. Out of work, I am a keen photographer and veggie gardener.

Lucy Seppelt
Team Leader

I am proud to have worked for Time for Kids since 2010. During my Master of Social Work, I commenced my final year placement at Time for Kids. I fell in love with the program and haven’t been able to tear myself away (aside from a couple of years to have my two children). The principles and values of Time for Kids have always spoken to me, as I believe so strongly in early intervention and preventative strategies. It is an honour to be able to play a positive role in ensuring children thrive now and into their future.

Amanda Farah
Team Coordinator

I am thrilled be Team Coordinator at Time for Kids. Prior to this role, I worked as a counsellor and case worker for Relationships Australia’s Post Care Support Services. I am very enthusiastic and keen to continue the work of Time for Kids. I look forward to growing the program, providing more opportunities for children to build strong foundations of resilience, respect, strength, and self-care.

Michelle Arbon
Activities Coordinator and Carer/Mentor Support

I have the pleasure of getting to know the children, their carers and families through activities and events. I also support their relationship journey throughout their placement. I’ve been blessed enough to witness the program at work as a volunteer carer since 2015. I am excited to see Time for Kids go from strength to strength. Before I came to Time for Kids, I studied a Certificate III in Baking and a degree in Public Relations. I am truly passionate about helping young people to thrive. Out of work, I love spending time with my family, exercising and connecting with nature.

Lucy Brown
Carer and Mentor Assessment, Matching and Placement

I feel privileged to work together with carers, mentors and families, each sharing knowledge, experience, and stories for the wellbeing of children. I originally trained as an Early Childhood Teacher and have recently also provided learning and disability support at a local primary school in my community. I have two young children and in my spare time I love reading (when I get a chance) and exploring national parks and walking trails with my family and our dog Barney.

Jacquie Cate
Carer and Mentor Support Worker

What a privilege it is to be given the opportunity to work in the Time For Kids program. I have worked at Relationships Australia SA for almost 4 years in Post Care Support Services but my previous experience is also as a Support Worker in Disability, Drug and Alcohol, Youth Work, Children under the guardianship and homelessness services. Through these experiences, I feel I have a good understanding of the complex lives that people, their families and communities face. I am passionate about, and dedicated to, improving the lives of people coming from complex backgrounds and I am committed to encouraging healthy positive relationships. Outside of work, I enjoy the beach and spending time with my family walking the hills of Adelaide.

Key Leaders within Relationships Australia SA

Claire Ralfs
CEO, Relationships Australia SA

Claire Ralfs is Chief Executive Officer of Relationships Australia SA (RASA), and the Australian Institute of Social Relations (the training division of RASA). With extensive experience in driving organisational change and building cross-disciplinary collaboration, Claire’s leadership of the Time for Kids service, among the 50+ others at RASA, is invaluable to our continued high-quality delivery.

Diarmid Lee
Board Member, Relationships Australia SA

Prior to our merger, Diarmid served as Chairperson on the Time for Kids Board for more than 8 years. Diarmid joined the RASA Board after the merger in 2018. Diarmid is a Director at Leed Consulting, an Adelaide based consultancy specialising in organisational and leadership development. Diarmid works with clients as a coach, facilitator, and cultural change consultant, assisting them to optimise business and people performance at both the organisational and individual level.

Jonathon Main
EGM, Policy and Programs, Relationships Australia SA

Jonathon is a qualified Social Worker, holds a Masters of Policy and Administration and has over 30 years wide-ranging experience in leadership and management in the community services sector. As the Executive General Manager for the Time for Kids program, Jonathon provides strategic leadership in the development and implementation of our service, as well as contributing to public policy.

Clare Stevenson
Senior Accountant, Finance, Relationships Australia SA

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