Join us for Time for Kids Camp Out

Join us for Time for Kids Camp Out

Help change a child’s life by camping for a cause

This October long weekend we invite you to participate in the exciting, first-ever Time for Kids Camp Out! 

Whether you choose to camp out under the stars or in your very own living room, you can help raise funds to enrich the lives of children and young people, by supporting the Time for Kids program. 

Time for Kids is a unique program that matches children and young people with volunteer carers and mentors; giving them access to new experiences, opportunities and connections that most of us take for granted. 

Since 1960, Time for Kids has changed the lives of over 5000 children, playing a significant role in their development and well-being. We have provided them with a supportive environment, healthy relationships, and physical activity and skill development opportunities. 

“I was so lucky to have the Time for Kids mentors – they guided me, supported me and helped me believe that I could achieve anything.” — *Jess, a child in the Time for Kids program 

These consistent and dependable support networks complement and expand children’s existing family structures. They help to build their resilience and capacity to respond more positively to life’s challenges. 

Whilst the incredible volunteer families and individuals willingly give their time, care and support, it takes a village to raise a child… and that’s where you come in!

Camp out for a cause!

Register online, share with friends and raise funds ahead of the long weekend. Then pitch a tent, complete challenges and have fun creating memories this October. 

“I have great memories of camping as a child, and I know participants in this years’ Time for Kids Camp Out will not only have fun but feel great knowing they are helping children less fortunate.”— Lucy Seppelt, Team Leader, Time for Kids 

Register here to participate in the 2021 Time for Kids Camp Out. If you can’t Camp Out with us this year, you can still donate here to support South Australian children.  

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