Workplace giving is a joint relationship between you and any other interested staff, your employer and Time for Kids as a charity. Individuals contribute a portion of their pre-tax salary to Time for Kids and receive the tax benefit straight away. Employers can also choose to match employee contributions to create an even bigger impact.

Find out more from the ATO on workplace giving programs.

Calculate how much your regular giving to support Time for Kids could be worth as a tax benefit!

How to set up Workplace Giving

You will need to set up payroll donations and then encourage staff to sign up.

Speak to your HR or Payroll team if you are an employee wondering how you can sign up or get your workplace on board.

Ask your Workplace Giving Coordinator or Payroll Office if your company has a Workplace Giving form. If they do, nominate Time for Kids as your preferred charity and select your donation amount per pay cycle.

There are two ways you can set up Workplace Giving at your organisation.

Third party platforms

Using a platform provides an easy to navigate and streamlined process for your payroll team and staff. You will find further set up instructions via their website. Staff are able to create accounts, choose a charity and donation amount and manage their contributions themselves. The use of a third-party platform does however incur a fee, unlike bank transfers.

  • Good2Give is a platform designed to enhance staff participation and connection to the charities and causes they care most about
  • Goodcompany's platform empowers staff to give pre-tax one-off or ongoing support

While these platforms will help, it’s important you do your homework and choose the best platform for your organisation's needs.

Bank transfer
You can set up your Workplace Giving program internally through regular bank transfers via your payroll, at each pay cycle. Visiting the ATO website, Workplace Giving Australia or 1 Million Donors can assist with this. Paying via bank transfer means that you don’t have to worry about fees incurred by third party platforms.
In order to set up a bank transfer, please request our bank details here.

Workplace Fundraising

Hosting a workplace fundraising activity or event is a great way to help support and raise awareness for the Time for Kids program.

There are many ways you can conduct a workplace fundraising program! Host a: